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Sannas username on Twitch is nevermorenest

Sanna is a traditional landscape artist at heart and twitch streamer. Sanna is experienced in many different mediums and styles and wants to continue a career in streaming to get better as an artist and content creator. Sanna actively encourages other viewers to paint along and attempts to show that everyone has some creative aspect to them.

Sanna is also a freelance artist that accepts bespoke commissions, varying from paitnings to twitch badges and emotes. You can view a collection of previous work here and you can contact The Nevermore Nest directly regarding your own commission on the form here.

Works in progress are documented on The Nevermore Nest instagram, so for more frequent updates follow here


Starting around 1pm GMT

Sanna is an Affiliate Streamer and has been on since
December 28th 2015.


Check out a variety of commands that can be used in stream. If you feel lost or have any questions then just ask a mod. We are happy to help in anyway we can!

Command Name
Description (Optional)
!blink-Because Sanna keeps forgetting to blink her eyes when she plays games and does digital art.
!commands-Link to a list of commands and permissions.
!commission-Information about commissions.
!energy @targetGive someone some extra energy.
!followage-See how long you’ve followed the channel.
!giveaway-Information about the monthly giveaways!
!hug @targetWhen someone needs a hug.
!enter-Check who has tickets for the monthly raffle.
!news-The weeks current news.
!patreon-Support even more and get rewards!
!raid-Generates the raid message.
!prints-Links you to the Redbubble print shop.
!twigs-Check your twigs, rank and hours watched.
!social-Links to all social pages.
!store-Links you to the TNMN store.
!stretch-Remind Sanna to stretch and move around. Just as easy to forget as blinking and drinking water!
!tattoo-Links you to a gallery of Sanna’s tattoos.
!top-The top 10 salem hoarders.
!uptime-How long the stream has been live.
!water-Remind Sanna to drink her water, or whatever drink she’s currently trying to get through.
!web-Link to website.
!cheer-Links to information about cheers.
!claim-To claim a prize won in a giveaway.
!gift-Gift your giveaway prize to the next new subscriber!
!giftinfo-Information about gifting your giveaway prize.
!tophoursShows current top 10 hour hoarders
!sale -Information about current ongoing sale on the stores website.
!sub -Information and perks of subscribing to the channel!
!subcard-Information about sub gifts
!tools-Info about digital tools used
!hype-Hype up!
!hiccup-See how many hiccups Vid's currently had
Command Name
Description (Optional)
!discord-Link to Discord Server.
!s@targetShoutout to fellow broadcaster.
!email-Gives you the email address
!gg@targetGives information to the winner of a giveaway
!break-General information for everyone during breaks
!hiccup +Add 1 hiccup to counter
!hiccup -Remove 1 hiccup to counter
!hiccup (number)Add [number] hiccups to counter
Command Name
Description (Optional)
!twigs add@target + numberGive twigs to someone
!twigs remove@target + numberRemove twigs from someone
!twigs add +viewers + numberAdd twigs to all users in chat
!twigs remove +viewers + numberRemove twigs from users in chat
!transfer Old username + new usernameTransfer twigs from old to new name
!status!status + new stream titleChange current stream title
!game!game + new stream categoryChange current game
!command add!command title + messageAdd a new command
!command edit!command name + new messageChange command response
!quote addmessage + who said itAdd a new quote
!quote edit + quote id +new messageEdit a quote
!quote remove + quote idRemove a quote
Command Name